My Body! My Shape! My Own Kind of Sexy! Before it became our company tagline, those words stuck on our mind on a daily basis and we feel like we need to create an avenue where we can provide something and that was the reason why Nyx Shapewear was created.

The courageous triumph over adversity is the defining factor why we really pursued Nyx Shapewear. We want to find deep satisfaction, exhilaration, and purpose in this feat. We had this Hero archetype that displays great tenacity to achieve it, with a “never give up” attitude. We’ve all been inspired —or saved — by a hero... where would we be without them?

As we want to help women be all they can be, we strongly desire to prove their worth, motivate and encourage others and fight against weakness and vulnerability. Making sure that customers feel strong that they can combat against distorted body image and turning them to become a powerful independent women who make a positive mark on the world, solve major problems or inspire others to do things that they are best at.

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