Postpartum Tummy Training: How Belly Binding Works

Pregnancy is a magical 9-month roller coaster ride for moms. However, the aftermath isn’t sugar, spice, and everything nice. New moms have been getting a little extra help from Belly Binders for centuries. The practice of belly binding itself dates back to centuries ago in Mexican, Malaysian, and Japanese cultures, it has only recently made its way back because of celebrities such as Jessica Alba, Kim K, Cardi B, Kylie Jenner, Khloe Kardashian, and Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi raving about the effects of postpartum shapewear to recover faster. Thanks to social media, thousands of women from all over the world have jumped on the bandwagon as well.

What is a maternity/postpartum wrap?

A postpartum wrap is generally a wide, stretchable, and adjustable band that new moms use to get their pre-pregnancy shape back. They are more popularly known as belly wraps, waist trainers, girdles, or corsets. Just like other shapewear, there are also different types for you to choose from. Panties, shorts, bellywraps, bodysuits--they all serve the same purpose--to support the body after childbirth. 

What are the benefits of wearing postpartum wraps?

Postpartum wraps have a myriad of benefits, but the main purpose is to support the abdominal area until the muscles in the body regain their strength and be fully prepared to carry on with daily activities. Below are some of the benefits or wearing maternity shapewear:

It helps correct posture.

Carrying something heavy in your body without having your hands to help you is no joke. There is an adjustment period due to the extensive weight you gained in the process. In lieu of this change, abdominal muscles weaken, thus affecting your posture. Using a postpartum girdle will serve as a brace as you regain your strength.

It aids with lower back pain and alleviates pressure.

    Although pregnancy is the most amazing experience a woman could ever go through, it is undeniably the most painful one, as well. Come to think of it: you’ve carried a remarkable amount of (extra) weight for nine months, only to lose it after childbirth. In the process, your muscles will definitely adjust along with the other parts of your body, resulting in a weakened core--the ultimate cause of back pain. Using a postpartum wrap will provide optimal support while your body recuperates. 

    It provides support for abdominal muscles 

      This comes as no surprise. Core strength is vital to becoming physically fit. Abdominal muscles are the foundation of everything that surrounds it. After giving birth, the muscles are weakened because of the countless changes happening to the body. A postpartum girdle’s compressing feature will help regain abdominal strength by keeping your form without having to exert too much effort.

      It contributes to body-shaping and weight-loss

        While it is not advisable for new moms to abruptly go on a Revenge Body Journey, using a maternity wrap during simple work-out sessions will help you shed off some pounds through compression and sweating. Consider it an assistant to #BounceBack.

        We have searched high and low to find the most comfortable, effective, and intricately-designed postpartum products that have been tried and tested to reduce belly fat:

        Having a baby changes you in numerous ways--physically, mentally, socially, and most importantly, emotionally. Above all else, how you feel is where it truly counts. Wearing a postpartum girdle won’t magically shrink your body to its original size. However, it will help tremendously in giving you that extra dose of confidence to dress as you please. 

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