Pregnancy and Shapewear: Is it Safe?

Shapewear is every woman’s best friend, but for those who may be expecting, maternity shapewear is the perfect wardrobe solution to keep you looking classy and feeling amazing throughout those 9 months.

Maternity shapewear gives you a slimmer, more streamlined silhouette whilst adding support to your bump, meaning you can continue wearing figure-hugging outfits with confidence.

They’re good for your back! Posture can be improved from wearing maternity shapewear as it supports the spine. Maternity shapewear grows with you! It provides a comfortable shape from the rear to the thighs, whilst providing lower back support. What’s clever is the tummy panel grows as you do, with the soft yarns stretching to accommodate your burgeoning bump.

They widen your wardrobe! Maternity shapewear doesn’t stop with high waist pants! Brands have been utilizing the shaping technology within leggings, tights, and jeans to give a super flattering style that will ensure you feel comfortable and confident at all times.

No slip or bunching. When your bump is growing, your old underwear and tights can feel uncomfortable, either riding up or slipping down. Maternity shapewear expertly stays in place for easy wear all day or night long.

No need for a whole new wardrobe – just because your shape is changing, it doesn’t mean you have to shun your wardrobe for loose fit smocks. A pair of shapewear will keep you in your old clothes for longer!

Keep dazzling at those black tie events – just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean your social life stops. You still want to look amazing at that wedding or party. When you hit the high street to go dress shopping, maternity shapewear is your best friend – slip on a paid and you’ll instantly feel your confidence surge when you take to the changing room.

They’re safe! As long as you choose the right maternity specific shapewear then this form of underwear is a great choice throughout your pregnancy
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