How to choose the right shapewear for your body

If you haven't yet unlocked the magic to your body insecurities then they key is shapewear. It serves as a Photoshop for your living, breathing and three-dimensional body but there's just one problem with this genre of wonder-garments: shapewear has become so popular that it now comes in a seemingly endless array of styles and fabrics.

How to decide which will work best for your body and for your outfit? Here's a guide to choosing the best shapewear for you.

Embrace Your Size.

    Women tend to size down their size for extra firmness and structure, that only causes bulges and discomfort and that of it can only make you bigger. You can definitely go to a store, try on different shapewear pieces that best fits on your body shape plus wear underwear for hygienic purposes. Try to sit down and walk around to see if it makes you comfortable and if the shapewear stays in place.

    Choose Medium Constriction for Smooth Lines, Strong Constriction for Total Figure Transformation.

      If there are no performance level stated on the label, check out the clothing label. The higher the nylon content, the more the shapewear will alter your shape. You can also feel the level of shaping by feeling the fabric. If it's lightweight and slips through your hands, it's likely designed simply to smooth out some targeted spots on your whole body figure.  

      Choose a Full Bodysuit for All Over Shaping.

        Bodysuit will always be popular because it creates a head to toe streamlined figure, saving you the dilemma of looking for a separate top or bottom pieces that perfectly fit. The full body shaping is a plus for girls who want to minimize a bigger chest.

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